October 2, 2003

I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Gallivan at 1:00pm. He said that the baby is larger than normal,
about 5 weeks ahead of schedule!
My blood pressure is perfect. The result from my blood work (trutol test)came back great (4.6).

We got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. It was alot louder than the last time. A baby's heart beat should be between
120-160 b/m.(beats per minute).
Our Baby's heart beat is sitting perfectly at 140 b/m.

My iron level is a little low, it should be around 110, mine is only 101. I have to buy some iron pills, but it's nothing
to worry about. I have to go to the doctor every two weeks now, for a check up.
Only 10 weeks left until the happiest day of my life!
Weight: 136Lbs.
Gained: 2 Lbs. in 2 weeks.
Total Gained: 21 Lbs.
Stomach: 35 Inches.
Stomach grew: 3 inches in 2 weeks
~*~29 weeks, 5 days pregnant~*~

September 28, 2003

Baby Shower

The baby shower is soon! We decided to have it at my aunts house (Ann Marie MacKeigan) on October 19.
I'll be 32 wekks pregnant. My motheris planning it for me. Everything is almost ready! We just need to know
approximately how many are going.

~*~29 weeks, 1 day pregnant~*~

September 26, 2003

I went to the hospital at 10:00am to get blood work done.
It was A trutol test for hidden diabetes.
~*~28 weeks, 6 days pregnant~*~

September 25, 2003

People's Reaction

When me and Stephenfound out I was pregnant we were so happy!
We kept it a secret for a while. It was hard to keep it a secret because I was really sick.
Stephen's parents kept asking us, but we didn't tell them. I wanted my parents to be the first to know.
When my parents found out, they were so happy! We didn't get to be the one's to tell them.
The Hospital called my parents house to arrange my first ultrasound appointment. My mother called me
at 9:00am and told me the hospital called and my ultrasound appointment was at 11:00am. I was very
surprised, to say the least! I was kind of worried about what my father would think. To my surprise he was
extremely happy and excited!He was the most excited out of everyone! By the time they found out I was already
11 weeks pregnant.

My mother came to the ultrasound appointment with me. When we saw the baby on the monitor it brought tears to
our eyes.The joy in my mothers face was priceless! I wish Stephen could have been there! Unfortunately, Stephen had to work.

After my parents knew, we told Stephen's family.They were also very happy. They Suspected it all along :) !

Baby's First Christmas

We're all excited about the baby's first christmas. Stephen an I already started to buy stuff. This is going to be the best christmas.
Our first christmas as a family: Me, Stephen, and our new pride and joy!

~*~28 weeks, 5 days pregnant~*~

September 24, 2003

Baby's Name
We finally picked out the names for a boy and a girl. At first Stephen wanted the boys name to be "Damien Tyler".
I really didn't like that name! I wanted the boys name to be Stephen Alfred. The first name Stephen, aftrer the father of
the baby. The middle name Alfred, after my father. Stephen didn't want the baby named after him, he wanted the baby to
have an original name.
So for a boy, we've decided on "Anthony Tyler". It's A cute name. The girl's name was going to be "Savannah Dawn",
but we changed that too. We've now decided on "Emily Brook".
For now we are going to put the baby in my last name (Frison) until we get married; then the last name will be andrews.
Hopefully we don't change names again!

Due Date:

The baby is due on December 13th, but everyone, including me, thinks that i will deliver the baby earlier.
The baby is already 4 weeks ahead in growth. I was 28 weeks pregnant the last time i went to the doctors, and the
growth rate of the baby was 32 weeks. I'm just happy the baby's healthy!
~*~28 weeks, 4days Pregnant~*~

September 23, 2003

I am now almost 29 weeks pregnant. I only have 11 weeks left, until the happiest day of my life!
I am a little nervous, but anxious all at the same time. Me and Stephen are really excited! He's so happy!
He's going to be a great father!
We almost have everything ready. The crib is already setup. We bought a new 'winnie the pooh' crib set,
the other day. It looks adorable! We've decided that the theme for the nursery would be 'winnie the pooh',
because it could be for a boy or a girl.
~*~ 28 weeks, 3 days pregnant~*~

September 18,2003

At 1:15pm I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Gallivan.
The babies growth is 4 weeks ahead of my due date. My stomach length
should onlymeasure 28.
Weight:134 Lbs.
Gained:4 lbs. in 3 weeks.
Total gained:19 Lbs.
Stomach Length:32 inches
Stomach grew:5 Inches in 3 weeks
~*~27 Weeks, 5 days pregnant~*~

August 28, 2003

I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Gallivan at 1:00pm.
Weight: 130 Lbs.
Gained: 6 Lbs in 4 weeks.
Total Gained:15 lbs.
Stomach Length:27 Inches.
Stomach grew:3 Inches in 4 weeks.
~*~24 weeks, 5 days pregnant~*~

August 19, 2003

Today i went for my second ultrasound appointment at 1:40 pm. All of the features (anatomy) of the baby is now developed.
~*~ 23 weeks, 3 days pregnant ~*~

July 31, 2003

I had a doctors; appointment with Dr. Gallivan at 1:15pm. The results from the tests
and the blood work came back good!
I Currently weigh 124 Lbs.
Gained 7 lbs. in 4 weeks.
Total Gained : 9 Lbs.
Stomach Length: 24 inches
~*~ 20 weeks, 5 days pregnant ~*~

July 30, 2003

I got blood work done at the hospital.
~*~ 20 weeks, 4 days pregnant ~*~

July 3, 2003

I had an appointment with Dr. Gallivan at 1:15pm. I got a few tests done.
My weight is currently 117 lbs.
I gained 2 lbs. in 4 weeks.
~*~ 16 weeks, 5 days pregnant ~*~

June 5, 2003

I had my first meeting with the maternity (prenatal)doctor; Dr. Gallivan, at 1:15pm.
My weight is currently 115lbs.
~*~ 12 weeks, 5 days pregnant ~*~

May 28, 2003

I had a doctors appointment, with dr. Dias (Family Doctor).
She doesn't do maternity, so she referred me to the prenatal clinic ( maternity ward)at the General Hospital.
~*~ 11 weeks, 4 days pregnant ~*~

May 26, 2003

Today I went for my first ultrasound appointment at 11:00am. I told everyone the good news!

~*~ 11 weeks, 2 days pregnant ~*~

May 23, 2003

Today I found out I was pregnant. I got a pregnancy test done at the hospital.
~*~ 10 weeks, 6 days pregnant ~*~